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 HeadhunterzZz (D.H.) vs. Terndrop (LTL)

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PostSubject: HeadhunterzZz (D.H.) vs. Terndrop (LTL)   Sun 17 Jul 2011, 8:43 am

A result of a fs which wasn't long enough Sad.. I will try to get a lot of points as fast as possible so I can beat this guy, very annoying he attacks me every day and he got about 240k vs. my 6-7k Sad

Quote :
[align=center]The battle lasted 5 rounds

Large Cargo 62 (-15)
Battleship 91 (-1)
Bomber 7
Destroyer 18
Battlecruiser 9
(-135.000 metal, -105.000 crystal, -0 deuterium)

Small Cargo 128
Heavy Fighter 3
Cruiser 46
Colony Ship 1
Recycler 7
Esp. Probe 12
Rocket Launcher 72
Light Laser 19
Heavy Laser 7
Gauss Cannon 4
Ion Cannon 6
(-1.580.500 metal, -774.500 crystal, -124.000 deuterium)

HeadhunterzZz captured:
107.397 metal, 47.273 crystal, and 38.283 deuterium.

Debris field: (33 Recycler. Harvested by attacker.)
422.700 metal, 230.700 crystal.
Moon chance: 6%

End Result:
Attacker gain: 606.353
(395.097 metal, 172.973 crystal, 38.283 deuterium)

Total Damage: 2.595.000

eZc v1.5pre @ 2011[/align]
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PostSubject: Re: HeadhunterzZz (D.H.) vs. Terndrop (LTL)   Sun 17 Jul 2011, 12:39 pm

Ouch! Sorry Terndrop...let me know if you need anything to help with the rebuild.


Thanks for the signature & avatar Viper!
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PostSubject: Re: HeadhunterzZz (D.H.) vs. Terndrop (LTL)   Sun 17 Jul 2011, 12:42 pm

wtf Very Happy, he didn't take the DF so I got it Very Happy, about 660k ressources, so my RB is in progress Wink
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PostSubject: Re: HeadhunterzZz (D.H.) vs. Terndrop (LTL)   

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HeadhunterzZz (D.H.) vs. Terndrop (LTL)
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