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 Adonis [LTL] -vs- NeitherSkillNorLuck (Burn) [Rejects] ****gulps

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PostSubject: Adonis [LTL] -vs- NeitherSkillNorLuck (Burn) [Rejects] ****gulps    Sat 24 Aug 2013, 1:15 pm

Combat Report
Combat at Moon [1:234:4] (23.08.2013 20:47:16)
NeitherSkillNorLuck from Moon [1:220:4] NeitherSkillNorLuck from Moon [1:220:4] NeitherSkillNorLuck from Moon [1:220:4]Dishonourable fight (-16.370) vsAdonis from Moon [1:234:4]Honourable fight (+4.788)
Ships/Defence: 29.810 Ships/Defence: 4.775
Lost units: 26.454.000 Lost units: 117.003.000
Weapons: 130% Weapons: 140%
Shields: 120% Shields: 120%
Armour: 120% Armour: 140%
Tactical retreat 1 : 4.69
The defending fleet did not flee.
(Please note that Deathstars, Espionage Probes, Solar Satellites and any fleet on a ACS Defence mission cannot flee. Tactical retreats are also deactivated in honourable battles. A retreat may also have been manually deactivated or prevented by a lack of deuterium. Bandits and players with more than 50.000 points never retreat.)
Winner: NeitherSkillNorLuck, NeitherSkillNorLuck, NeitherSkillNorLuck
The attacker has won the battle!
Loot: 0 Metal, 0 Crystal and 237.665 Deuterium.
debris field: 26.677.200 metal and 13.851.000 crystal.
Repaired: 273 Rocket Launcher, 1 Small Shield Dome
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PostSubject: Re: Adonis [LTL] -vs- NeitherSkillNorLuck (Burn) [Rejects] ****gulps    Sat 24 Aug 2013, 2:24 pm

Sorry to see it Adonis.
He did post it on the boards and is a good, for profit hit on his part.
And, if you'll notice, he has been extremely active lately, posting numerous hits.

Please be more careful about your fleet saves... Using the moon is great but they can't be allowed to sit there. It's always best to allow extra time if you can't be certain you'll be on when the fleet lands.


Thanks for the signature & avatar Viper!
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PostSubject: Re: Adonis [LTL] -vs- NeitherSkillNorLuck (Burn) [Rejects] ****gulps    Sat 24 Aug 2013, 2:47 pm

Yeah dude, you can't leave it there for 2 hours.

This is why I go into V-Mode for days or weeks at a time; I enjoy my social life, and needing be online exactly when my fleet lands has a habit of interrupting whatever I'm doing at the time. I'm back for now but I'll be off again at the end of September for a few days, then again in October, then again for half of November (seeing a load of bands around those times).

If you need to send res from A to B (B being where your fleet will land) then you need to sort it out so that both fleets arrive at roughly the same time. The res fleet drops its res off, and the big fleet (if you use it for carrying large amounts of res) picks it up and takes it off again.

My fleet has continued to grow for well over a year now and it's only been spotted twice (once was unfortunate because I was using the Xbox and don't have a keyboard for it so typing takes ages) ;-)

You gotta be sneaky.
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PostSubject: Re: Adonis [LTL] -vs- NeitherSkillNorLuck (Burn) [Rejects] ****gulps    

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Adonis [LTL] -vs- NeitherSkillNorLuck (Burn) [Rejects] ****gulps
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