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 Las Vegas (LTL) -vs- creatorz (POWER)

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PostSubject: Las Vegas (LTL) -vs- creatorz (POWER)   Sat 12 Jul 2014, 1:51 pm

did send 10 ipms and sim lied

The following fleets met in battle

Attacker: Las Vegas

Defender: creatorz
Large Cargo...6
Espionage Probe...6

3 rounds later

Attacker: Las Vegas
Battleship...48 ( lost: 2 )

Defender: creatorz

The attacker has won the battle!
He captured
32.773 metal, 32.775 crystal and 6.451 deuterium
87.398 metal, 125.818 crystal and 3.528 deuterium
43.936 metal, 63.046 crystal and 1.781 deuterium

The battle created the following DF
503.000 metal, 190.000 crystal

Las Vegas harvested
503.000 metal and 190.000 crystal

Attacker: 970.506
(577.107 metal, 381.639 crystal, 11.760 deuterium)
Defender: -1.354.000
(-916.000 metal, -350.000 crystal, -88.000 deuterium)
Total damage: 1.474.000
Converted by NikeJoshua's combat report converter
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Dj Duck

PostSubject: Re: Las Vegas (LTL) -vs- creatorz (POWER)   Sat 12 Jul 2014, 5:06 pm

Nice work there

Seems I better hurry up and get started on fleeting before there's no more targets around  Very Happy 
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Las Vegas (LTL) -vs- creatorz (POWER)
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