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 Las Vegas -vs- Charles The Blue, TD: ~1M, TP: ~1M

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PostSubject: Las Vegas -vs- Charles The Blue, TD: ~1M, TP: ~1M   Wed 20 Aug 2014, 7:05 pm

df still there not worth it

The following fleets met in battle

Attacker: Las Vegas
Large Cargo...76

Defender: Charles The Blue
Solar Satellite...12
Rocket Launcher...135
Heavy Laser...5
Gauss Cannon...21
Ion Cannon...6
Small Shield Dome...1
Large Shield Dome...1

2 rounds later

Attacker: Las Vegas
Large Cargo...71 ( lost: 5 )
Battleship...225 ( lost: 0 )
Battlecruiser...190 ( lost: 0 )

Defender: Charles The Blue

The attacker has won the battle!
He captured
710.606 metal, 719.339 crystal and 6.178 deuterium

The battle created the following DF
15.000 metal, 27.000 crystal

Assuming Charles The Blue harvested
15.000 metal and 27.000 crystal

Attacker: 1.376.123
(680.606 metal, 689.339 crystal, 6.178 deuterium)
Defender: -1.243.000
(-777.000 metal, -418.000 crystal, -48.000 deuterium)
Total damage: 1.345.000
Converted by NikeJoshua's combat report converter
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Las Vegas -vs- Charles The Blue, TD: ~1M, TP: ~1M
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