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 Las Vegas -vs- Demon, TD: ~5M, TP: ~4M

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PostSubject: Las Vegas -vs- Demon, TD: ~5M, TP: ~4M   Mon 25 Aug 2014, 9:23 pm

got all df convertor didnt add this

Your recycler(s) (10) have a total cargo capacity of 200.000. At the target
[2:383:8], 55.500 Metal and 110.500 Crystal are floating in space. You have harvested 55.500 Metal and 110.500 Crystal.

The following fleets met in battle

Attacker: Las Vegas
Large Cargo...150
Light Fighter...2.500

Defender: Demon
Solar Satellite...232
Rocket Launcher...1.100
Light Laser...201
Heavy Laser...55
Gauss Cannon...11
Ion Cannon...1
Plasma Turret...1
Small Shield Dome...1
Large Shield Dome...1

3 rounds later

Attacker: Las Vegas
Large Cargo...150 ( lost: 0 )
Light Fighter...2.338 ( lost: 162 )
Cruiser...220 ( lost: 0 )
Battleship...263 ( lost: 1 )
Destroyer...26 ( lost: 0 )
Battlecruiser...200 ( lost: 0 )

Defender: Demon

The attacker has won the battle!
He captured
699.046 metal, 1.570.299 crystal and 1.713.636 deuterium

The battle created the following DF
265.500 metal, 320.500 crystal

Las Vegas harvested
210.000 metal and 210.000 crystal

Assuming Demon harvested
55.500 metal and 110.500 crystal

Attacker: 3.694.981
(378.046 metal, 1.603.299 crystal, 1.713.636 deuterium)
Defender: -4.121.000
(-3.108.000 metal, -845.000 crystal, -168.000 deuterium)
Total damage: 4.995.000
Converted by NikeJoshua's combat report converter
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Las Vegas -vs- Demon, TD: ~5M, TP: ~4M
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